How a Plant-Based Supplement Can Improve Men’s Well-Being

In Southeastern Asia, the Pasak Bumi, or Tongkat Ali plant, is often used as a medicine. Natives grind the roots of the tall plant into a paste, which they brew into a compound. It has long been consumed as an aphrodisiac. Today Tongkat Ali root extract is also processed into a powder which is sold in capsule form. It is often used as a safe, natural testosterone booster. Men take it in supplement form to correct unpleasant physical symptoms and bodybuilders rely on it to enhance workouts.

How Tongkat Ali Affects the Body

The primary function of a Tongkat Ali supplement is to encourage the body to naturally increase testosterone production. It does that by boosting the hormonal system which regulates testosterone levels. The extract encourages the hypothalamus to release more GnRh, or gonadoliberin, which causes a chain-reaction of effects that can influence men’s behavior and sense of well-being. Tongkat Ali also helps to create more free testosterone, which the body is able to readily use.

Why Men Trust Tongkat Ali to Correct Low Testosterone

Men often turn to Tongkat Ali extract in order to eliminate some of the unpleasant side effects of low testosterone. These can include depression, low energy, and reduced sex drive. The impact of Tongkat root and the speed at which it works depend on men’s original hormone levels. However, once they begin taking the extract, users typically begin to get relief within one to three weeks.

The Reason That Bodybuilders Use Tongkat Ali

Bodybuilders also rely on natural testosterone boosters to maximize the effects of their workouts. The increased amounts of free testosterone created by Tongkat root help them improve workout levels and intensity. Most men see quick improvement once they begin taking the supplement, but full results generally roll out over a period of weeks. By around the fifth week, most are gaining muscle mass and becoming noticeably stronger with each workout.

The roots of the Tongkat Ali plant are often processed into supplements that help men naturally increase testosterone production. That can reverse low-testosterone symptoms such as depression and fatigue. The supplement is also popular among bodybuilders, who use it to get better results from workouts.