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Reason why People should Conserve Water

Every living thing depends on water to quench thirst thereby sustain life. For people to have good yields, the plants must receive adequate water. People depend on rain to provide them with large quantities of water. The other source of water is underground water which includes the wells and boreholes. The process of reducing water wastage and usage is known as water conservation. People need to drink and cook using clean water in order to prevent diseases. Water can be stored in tanks so that it can be used in different areas in the home. Different companies require water to manufacture products. People can conserve water in their home using low flow taps and low flush toilets which use little water. People can tap rainwater that will help in irrigation in their farms and washing .

Through water conservation, people will not pay high water bills thereby help them to save money. Fish which thrives in water should be protected by ensuring that they have enough water. When people conserve water, in the ponds, rivers, and lakes, the number of fish will increase, and they are a rich source of protein. People can save energy when they conserve water. Before one receives water at the taps, it must be pumped from a central point which requires a lot of energy. People can minimize water pollution which may result to disease.

When people conserve water, they will not experience water shortage s and drought which affects most parts of the world. Lack of water results to reduced food supplies which affect people’s health. Through proper water use, the environment will be preserved. People should not drain underground water bodies as this could result in sinkholes. People lives are put at risk when sinkholes occur in different areas.

When people use water saving appliances; they are assured of using water in small quantities. The use of efficient watering systems will play a vital role in conserving water when one is irrigating their farms. The authorities will not have to come up with new facilities to treat the polluted water. People can reuse wastewater in their home s for various purposes as this will reduce shortages and bills. Water can be conserved if the leakages from the water pipes are fixed urgently. Through water conservation, recreational facilities such as swimming pools will be available for many years. Water is usually wasted when people are doing laundry; it is advisable to use high-efficiency washing machines to reduce water usage.

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